Who Should Join?


We seek individuals who are involved in volunteer program administration who wish to advance their knowledge, network and profession, to become part of this organization. A volunteer administrator is anyone who is involved in the facilitation of volunteers giving their time to an activity. HAVA is the only Houston association made up of a wide variety of staff, administrators, coordinators, consultants and volunteers who come together, monthly, for common training needs and to network among their peers. 

Why Join


The many benefits of a HAVA membership include:


  • Access to educational programs

  • Monthly communication with a list of upcoming events and valuable information

  • Access to HAVA membership directory

  • Invitations to HAVA sponsored professional seminars, workshops, and events.

  • Information on city, state and national professional development seminars, workshops, conferences, and events. 

  • Networking opportunities with fellow administrators.

Membership Options 


  • Agency Membership $75
    All organizations, corporations, and businesses are eligible to join and can be represented by one primary member. Additional members can be added as an associate member. This membership is owned by the organization.

  • Associate Membership $35
    All organizations, corporations and businesses that are HAVA agency members can add representatives as associate members at this level. This membership is owned by the organization.

  • Individual/Consultant Membership $40
    This membership is for persons who represent themselves or a governmental agency.

  • Workshop Fee for Nonmembers $20
    All are welcome to HAVA's monthly educational workshops and other events. This fee covers a one-time drop in for a monthly workshop. HAVA workshops are free for members.