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Joan Waite Hanlon Memorial Award

for Outstanding Professionalism in the Field of Volunteer Management

Joan Waite Hanlon was a woman who achieved a lifetime of leadership in volunteerism. Before her untimely death, she served as the Executive Director of the Voluntary Action Center of Houston/Harris County and coordinated a clearinghouse for volunteers which served more than 220 nonprofit organizations. Joan believed in the successful management of volunteer programs and in the growth and development of the individual professional. Her beliefs live on in the presentation of this award.

Since 1979, the Houston Association of Volunteer Administrators annually presents the Joan Waite Hanlon Memorial Award to recognize outstanding professionalism in the field of volunteer management. Please see the eligibility requirements and criteria listed below:


Eligibility for Nomination
Any volunteer professional who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, commitment and professionalism should be nominated. Nominations for those who do not or have not managed volunteers will not be considered for the award.  Self nominations are not accepted.

Who May Nominate
Any individual, group, agency, organization or corporation within the Greater

Houston area may submit as many separate nominations as desired. 


Criteria for Consideration
The selection committee will utilize the following criteria in their review

and decision making process. Please be sure the requested statement

addresses these points:

   * Administrative ability
   * Personal commitment to volunteerism
   * Professional leadership in the area of program development
   * Level and quality of activities directed
   * Development of leadership volunteers
   * Length of service in the field of volunteer management





Past Recipients of the Hanlon Award

Andrea Anders

Anita Richmond-Bunkley

Anne Harris

Barbara Sitzman

Betty Norman

Catherine Thomas

Clare Bruce

Crawford Bunkley

Curtis McMinn

Dariece McClure

Debra Hirst

Elizabeth Klumb

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Elizabeth Tise

Francisca Duenes

Gayle McMorrow

Gen McClelland

Ian Todd

Jacqueline Cronquist

Jean Davis-Myers

Jennifer Barnes

Joe Gonzalez

Julie Knapp

Karen Harrison

Kathryn Taylor Paine

Kimberly Patel

Lori Hutson

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Lorinda Lonie

Mabel Menefee

Maralyn Robinson

Marguerite McKinney

Maureen Valenza

Muffin Clark

Page Lawson

Pamela Lemp

Patty Loman

Sarah King

Sherri Nance

Stasha Scruggs

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